Thanks for your nice arrangement and programme in our Retreat Camp. It was wonderful. Hope we can cooperate in future.

Staff - Correctional Services Department

Music is funny, relaxing and decompressing. Singing ecstatically and playing a variety of instruments make me feel interesting. I also enjoy this special course by quietly listening to the music with my naturally relaxed body.

Shuiking - Service Client

Understanding music can really help people who are mentally retarded, speech disorder and elderly with dementia.


Participant - Music Therapy Talk

I appreciate the passion of the therapist and believe the power of the Music. I strongly convinced that through the music therapist, the magic of Music can be well released.

Participant - Music Therapy Talk

After the 60-minutes workshop, I’ve discovered a new aspect of music. And I’ve learnt how to be relax through the help of music.

Participant - BMSP