1. Q: Is it a music lesson or a piano lesson?

    A: No, Music Therapy is nothing like a lesson. The therapist will achieve designated therapeutic goals by systematically manipulating different musical elements, counselling theories and psychological skills. You may check out more in the Section – What is Music Therapy?

  2. Q: I don’t know music and surely not good at it. Does Music Therapy still work on me?

    A: Certainly. It is not necessary for the clients to know music. Music Therapy works on infants, youth, adults and elderly regardless of their age and music knowledge.

  3. Q: Do I need to sing? No way!

    A: Please tell the therapist your concern. Your initiative and preference determines the types of interventions used during the session. No one will be forced to sing or play musical instruments if they do not want to.

  4. Q: How many sessions do I need?

    A: It depends on different factors including your case and your therapeutic goal. Please discuss this with the therapist.