Singing according to melody and words of songs. Attention will be paid to the singer’s pitch, tempo, and singing style. Crucial area of competence responsible for long term memory will be activated and restoring of relationship and communication will be facilitated.

Instrument Playing

Clients may play instruments in a relaxing environment, this promotes social interactions between the therapist and other group members. The therapist will assess each client’s individual needs and abilities, and provide a suitable instrument to target specific goals.


Composing and rendering music, either vocally or with instruments. Positive interactions with clients will be obtained.

Song Writing

Encouraging composition of songs which will enable the clients to resolve unsettled emotional issues and reflect on themselves through words.

Movement to Music

Using music to encourage self-expressive activity. Flexibility and coordination of movement will be helped.

Music Based Life Review

Recalling and sharing of significant music or songs together with life events to open up communication and nurturing self-esteem.

Music Psychotherapy

Choosing appropriate instrumental parts according to individual capabilities and potential in order to present the client with an enjoyable challenge. Corrective experience and power could be conferred to the player.

Entrainment, Listening and GIM
Using music to relax, match and slow a patient’s breathing rate. Anxiety and pain will be reduced.